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6 August 2019

Truck = 1 / Toyota = 0 characterised 😜

Sometimes in life things happen that make you wonder how anything good can come from situations you may find yourself in. Then we reflect & realise how God's protected us through it all & that His grace is sufficient for us to deal with every card we're dealt if we would just learn to trust Him through it all. Instead of focusing on the challenges we need to change our perspective & see the opportunities for God's miracle working power to be revealed.


Getting hit by a truck backing out of a driveway  wasn't part of my planning when I left the church prayer meeting this morning but praise God except for my car & ego, no one was injured.


I'm thinking the enemy didn't want our Fatherheart  of God book study at 10am to happen because it's digging deep & dealing with some more buried issues I'd thought I'd dealt with. This was the 2nd week in a row I wasn't able to go but the other ladies decided not to continue without me.


Now this to me is a classic illustration of the blessing of both.


Truck = 1 / Toyota = 0 characterised 😜

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