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Identity & Destiny

An Elijah House Teaching Series

Commencement Date:

23 October 2024


7 Weeks





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About the Course:

Veteran pastoral counselor Sandra Sellmer-Kersten unveils our true identity as sons and daughters of the King of Kings in this amazing six-lesson series. These lessons not only describe who we are personally in the image of God, but they also equip pastoral counselors, human service professionals, and chaplains to help others adjust their perspective—from being downtrodden by the world to being God's children and ambassadors of His kingdom.



  1. The Heart of a King

  2. Kings & Queens in Ill-Fitting Armor

  3. Lies That Silence Our Song

  4. Dragon or Dragon Slayer?

  5. Vessels Fit for the Master's Use

  6. Let the Sleeping Giant Rise

  7. Corporate Prayer & Demonstration

Included is an additional disk featuring a demonstration of how to minister and bless. The series was produced by House of Nacham in New Zealand and recorded by Elijah House Australia. "Identity and Destiny" is an EH 100-level Training Course.


Please use the "ENQUIRE" button above to register your interest if there's no "Book Now" link here & we'll get back to you once we have enough people to run a course.


Sandra Selmer-Kersten

Sandra Selmer-Kersten

Your Facilitator

Patrizia Schwartz

Patrizia Schwartz

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