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An Elijah House Teaching Series

Commencement Date:

21 August 2024


7 Weeks





Healing Trauma Teaching Series - Flyer (1).png

About the Course:

SHAME kept me stuck in trauma because I wouldn't ask for help, both because of my inner vow not to ask for help, the shame associated with my issues & the fear of rejection & abandonment if people saw the real me. It causes us to wear the "I'm fine!" mask even when deep down we're falling apart. I've been there & mastered that for most of my life. Only when the pain outweighs our shame will we be willing to deal with our issues.


Please use the "ENQUIRE" button above to register your interest if there's no "Book Now" link here & we'll get back to you once we have enough people to run a course.


Sandra Selmer-Kersten

Sandra Selmer-Kersten

Your Facilitator

Patrizia Schwartz

Patrizia Schwartz

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