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4 June 2020

Jesus is the Master Carpenter

 From the moment of conception parents pour into the "treasure chest" of who we are:

  • Love, gentleness, compassion

  • Truth... Even before we can cognitively understand Important truths of who we are & also truths of who God is, are instilled by the nurture of caring parents.

Parents call us forth into life, & help us learn to walk in our destiny & purpose. If we choose to open our hearts & take it in:

  • We are empowered to receive love

  • Parents are building storage shelves / places to receive love, compliments etc.

  • Our capacity to love others is enlarged

  •  I was created to love & be loved

  • We begin to fulfil the very purpose for which we were created... To receive love & give it away

  • We need to receive the gift of honour from people.

  • Whatever we missed as babies He can rebuild.

  • Fathers help children discover up to 80% of their identity.

  • Fathers call us forward & speak into us.

During 1 of my 3 hour prayer ministry sessions with Sandra, I received this word of knowledge:

Everyone has a shelf to receive love, affirmations, compliments etc. but your shelf is ful of holes  & no shelf at all. There is no shelf in you to receive affirmations, praise & compliments.

Jesus is a carpenter & is able to take out he shelf & build you a new one. He will heal the wounds & the holes from the lack of love, validation & encouragement.

Revelation 21:5

Behold I make all things new.

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