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29 August 2022

Wings of Prayer

A couple of weeks ago I shared my testimony in church together with the announcement of starting up a Healing heARTs 💕 ministry. 

After the service, one of the members came to me with a challenge: He would pay me $500 to do a painting about the Wings of Prayer from Isaiah 40:31 because he was so touched by my message & exhibition. 

And that reminds me of a word I received at Lifeboat in April 2022:

The eyes of the eagle - see things far away. Receive as a prophet or as a teacher of His Word & a seer because you're seeing things clearly.

You will not be afraid. The time is NOW. If you stay back, you'll be dry like the dry bones. The love of God is bringing those bones together. You're going to use it for the glory of God.

Before the eagle can see, he's got to rise up. Rise up with wings like eagles. You have to rise up above the mountain that's holding you & the mountains of heaviness & the mountains of all the problems.

Mount up in the Word of God & then you'll see from a real supremacy. From the hearts of heaven, you'll look down I say "Is this a problem?" This is no problem. When you're in the valley you can't see but when you're flying higher you see beyond the problem. When the storm comes you fly higher. Satan wants you to go lower. He wipes your power, love & everything out.

The Lord is wanting to let you know that you are fully equipped to be the equipper of the saints. You are fully equipped. He's given you all power, all authority to go forth in your mission & your ministry. Don't ever feel that you're not capable or unqualified or that you're not sufficient. You're all sufficient because He is all sufficient.

There is power in the Name of Jesus & it's really asking God to renew your mind. It's capturing those little foxes, those thoughts that come & they come quickly & as soon as are entertain them they overwhelm us.

Start dancing!

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