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Christmas Paint Party

Last weekend I hosted my final paint party for this year. I had a full table for my Christmas paint party. It was a tight squeeze but fun nevertheless.

Beth, Zoë, Mavonine, Michelle, Caroline & Rowena with their beautiful paintings.

Once again our first time painters proved that everyone can learn to paint. After all having been created in the image of our Master Creator, creativity is part of our identity. See if you can spot our first timers in the photo above...

We had a painter's choice from 6 paintings I'd practiced last month. This time I didn't have the luxury of being able to go over my allocated time, so I pre-traced all the canvases with their chosen designs. That saved us about 30 minutes on our painting time. Barring 1 who joined an hour late, they all finished in our allocated time.

They even got to test the handy easels Jesse made for me & from the looks of it, they seemed to work quite well.

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