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Last Week's Paintings

This hasn't been the most productive week where painting is concerned. However, I did manage to finally fininsh this caravan I started a couple of weeks weeks ago... not because it's a complicated painting byt because I got side-tracked & haven't been at my easel for a while.

I have been a just little pre-occupied with sorting out the studio. Except for the cupboard, it has been mostly sorted out now. We put the exhibition hanging system up this weekend & now the only thing that still needs to be put up is the blind Lai brought around on the weekend. I've shortened it & washed it but now I need Jesse's help to staple the wood back on before we can hang it on the window.

On Thursday I had Rosie & her friend Maria in the studio for our weekly paint party. This week we just did a simple moonlit seascape. Judging by those smiles, they enjoyed themselves & their paintings are beautiful.

I was playing around with an idea to turn this plywood palette into a decoration.

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