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New Paintings

I spent most of my week at Elijah House B-School serving & listening in to the sessions, so not much painting has been done this week. As a matter-of-fact, I haven't even added the previous week's paintings to my site so here'sa catch up...

I spent the whole day on the 23rd playing around with colours dreaming up ideas for Jesse's fishtank backdrop... it's quite difficult to use the hairdryer on such a small canvas for a dutch pour.

I've been playing around with an idea for a palette as a decoration...

I'm not quite sure if I'm done with this one yet before I find a more permanent way to fix the paint brushes to it.

After all those colour experiments, I finally gathered up the courage to attempt the pour on Jesse's fishtank backdrop. It didn't turn out as planned with the first pour & needed a couple of reworks until he was happy. There's so much paint on there it will take a few weeks before I can add a finishing layer to it but at least it is dry enough now that I can stand it against the wall for further drying. At 60x108cm, this is my largest pour yet. It's been taking up my whole table all week. He was super excited when saw it on Monday. Yay for another happy client.

This is just a small 8" canvas that I did with all the paint that I scraped off the edges on the board of Jesse's fishtank backdrop.

We finished early this afternoon at Elijah House so I had Rosie & Kaitlyn over for some Healing heARTs 💕 ministry in my studio. Rosie was just working on one of her unfinished paintings.

I taught Kaitlyn the basics of colour mixing so she'dbe able to continue painting even when she has limited paint colours.

After Rosie finished, I did a quick paint party practice painting for an upcoming event.

Kaitlyn was working on her own little painting she'd dreamed up. I still can't paint from my imagination & so admire her for taking the courage & painting so boldly.

After she finished her painting I showed her how to do a flip-cup pour on some coasters.

She some colours that beautifully matched her painting.

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