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On Monday evening a schoolmate came to visit all the way from the U.S.A. What to do on such an awesome occation, but to fit in a crash course on paint pouring. Retha threw a few colours together into tiny pouring cups & these beautiful coasters resulted. They dried absolutely beatuifully.

I spent Tuesday adding some spark to some old placemat & absolutely love how these turned out. These will make a beautiful suprise gift once they've been resined & the gold turns real shiny.

After finishing the placemats I had about 200ml of spillt paint I had picked up to do some more pouring with so I proceeded with a 30x40cm canvas.

When that didn't finish up all the paint I decided to recycle an old 30x40cm canvas for another pour because the colours were already pretty blended & I didn't expect anything good would come from it so I did this one.

It was beautiful whilst still wet, but unfortunately, the light colour at the bottom turned out to be very transparent hence the original painting is shining through. I will have to take some time next week to fix that. In hindsight, I should have probably done the green there & the light over the yellow or used white for the base there.

Note to self after this one is that even though recycling old paintings is brilliant, it may not be an exceptionally bright idea for paint pouring. This painting would definitely have looked stunning on a white canvas.🙄

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