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Take My Healing to the Nations

I attended Elijah House Prayer Ministries B-School in January & received some more healing prayer ministry & God's miracle working healing in my life. This time the Lord dealt with the displacement trauma from more than 30 house moves in the first 20 years of my life, as well as rejection & abandonment trauma caused by previous church leadership having been triggered by the current vaccine passport implementation by the church we called home for the last 3 years which effectively shut us out of serving & attending services since December. Yes, I was expecting & well prepared for being shut out of businesses for not being vaccinated but NOT the church. It struck me like a dagger through the heart & I must confess that for some time I was fighting off anger, bitterness, resentment & unforgiveness, BUT God... During my session my prayer minister asked the Lord to show me what He was doing... I heard the Lord say: "He's planting a tree & making all things new." & I can absolutely see how He's working...

For well over 3 decades, whenever I questioned my life's calling & purpose this Scripture & song would be first to pop up in my mind. If this was Christ's anointing, then as His follower, aiming to become more like Him, it makes sense to assume that this is my purpose too. However, due to my own brokenness, I've always shied away from stepping out & consequently carried additional guilt & shame for my disobedience. I'm so grateful that my path has crossed with Elijah House Prayer Ministries. 2 years & various seminars & prayer sessions later, many of the strongholds that have been holding me back have been dismantled by God's grace & mercy. God's healing rain has been pouring out over my life & this year I'm stepping out into the community under an anointing for new assignments although God is not finished with me yet...

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Wow, this one ...proud of you...mum👍🏻💯💝🌹🍀🕊🍄👋🏻

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