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Testing Paint Brands

I've been accumulating some primary colours on a variety of acrylic brand paints, looking for a good, affordable paint to use for paint parties. There's quite a lot out there & it's not always easy to decide which one you like best especially if you're bound by a budget.

It's impossible to see the difference of quality in the photos. This image was a comparison of the Liquitex Heavy, 5* Paints & the Reeves Acrylics.

Here's my take so far in order of preference thus far:

  1. Liquitex Heavy - I bought these looking to find something less transparent than the easily affordable Reeves Acrylics I've been using this far. The colours are vibrant & I like the texture & shine it leaves but they come at almost twice the price ranging from $14-$30 depending on the colour.

  2. Reeves Acrylics - $6.99

  3. Reeves Intro - $5.50

  4. Reno Art - These were just $12 at the Look Sharp Store for the primary set but when they're dry there's just ever so slightly an acrylic shine.

  5. 5* Paints - At $20.99 per 1.5 litre bag these probably are the cheapest but also the dullest of paints & absolutely no shine on the surface when they're dry. They are however, brilliant for learning when you don't want to worry about wasting paint to just practice brush strokes & techniques. They actually look a little bit more like watercolour but not as pretty when dry. I bought them in order to focus on learning to mix my own colours .

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