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A crushed spirit affects us physically, emotionally, & spiritually. However, most people aren't aware of trauma's affects. Even science has proven that many aspects of physical illness are rooted in unresolved trauma because our bodies will manifest what we refuse to deal with. For example, cancer is often rooted in bitterness & unforgiveness. Anger can affect your heart, gut & cause headaches. I've woken up every single morning with stomach cramps for decades, but they’ve been gone since D-School prayer ministry. If there's unexplainable aches & pain, even doctors can't find an answer to, it may be rooted in trauma.


Every single one of us has been wounded, the question is have we allowed the Lord to heal us to the extent that those wounds are a testimony to what He can do in our lives & for others. If He can do it for me, He will do it for you if you're willing to let him into those areas of your lives. He's standing at the door knocking, waiting for us to allow Him to bring His love & peace into every room of our hearts. Until we heal, we will continue to see others through our trauma-tinted lenses, be triggered & bleed all over those around us. If we haven't healed, every time we are reminded of the negative event, our bodies produce the exact same chemicals it did when it happened thus you will keep reliving that experience until you heal. When we heal, we change & those around us will be positively affected. Would you like to encounter Elijah House ministry & embark on a journey of healing & restoration?



  1. One Drop of Hope Left
  2. The Many Faces of Trauma
  3. The Devastating Affects of Trauma
  4. How Trauma Affects our Song
  5. How we get Stuck in Trauma
  6. How a Stronghold Develops (& how to Dismantle it!)
  7. The Trauma of Neglect 8. Praying to Release Trauma
  8. Soaking Prayer to Release Shock, Trauma, Anxiety & Fear
  9. Prayer Ministry Demo #1
  10. Prayer Ministry Demo #2
  11. Enrichments:
  • God, where were You?
  • Praying for those who have been Sexually Abused.
  • Breaking agreements with DEATH.


This workbook is optional but highly recommended because it contains valuable information & sample prayers that will be beneficial for future use.

Healing Trauma Workbook

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