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21 June 2019

5 Months of Overcoming

Last year around this time Pastor Steven Furtick's sermons started popping up in my Facebook feed after I hit rock bottom in my life long struggle with depression & anxiety. It some stage I was binge watching sermons because it felt like God was speaking right at me with every sermon.


He reached down into my pit of depression & suicidal thoughts & lifted me out. Today I've been depression free for 5 months. I have  just completed the Cleansing stream & had generational soul ties, orphaned spirit, victimhood, bondages & other curses broken. I'm free at last & for the first time in my life I know that  I know that He was there all along in those moments I felt lost & abandoned.


The last 49 years have been preparation. Now I'm am all fired up to take His healing to the nations, bind their broken hearts with love & set the captives free.

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