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31 May 2024

Leveraging God

"We only have one life here on earth. It isn’t a dress rehearsal. Use this time wisely. Another crisis will befall you. It’s not a case of ‘if’, but ‘when’. And when your world seems to come crashing down to an absolute halt, remember three things: 

  1. You’re not in trouble 

  2. We believe in you 

  3. We’re here to help in his book, Leading from the Stop on the weekend. 

felt like God was speaking to me directly but it set off such an overwhelming wave of emotions because I just didn’t have the capacity to receive it.


I've worked with Elias for 5 weeks & he's proven to be the kind, caring supportive manager any employee could dream of. Every time I think I've messed up, I'm told all of us make mistakes because we're all human. Sitting in his office on Monday morning after having shared with him how this statement in his book had unravelled me, he said he believed in me, but I heard myself saying, “but I don’t!” to which he replied “that’s okay, I do & we’ll work together to transition you through your healing journey. God will reveal that you are worthy.”


He gifted me this book in the hopes that it would help me on my healing journey. I just couldn't put it down but had to for 2 hours to attend the EquipU Leadership Development training I had signed up for just to come home straight after to continue. It was time to crawl into bed, so I bought the Kindle version so I could continue reading in bed😱 until I eventually had to force myself to put it down after 12am just to pick it up again at 5h30. That makes this book the 3rd book since Slavery to Sonship in November that I've read in a day.


It had Holy Spirit all over it AGAIN!. WoW!!! 


Once again, I was undone😭 & in awe🤣🎶💃...

 • beloved

 • highly favoured,

 • anointed,

 • worthy,

 • valued,

 • loved,

 • noble,

 • beautiful &

 • capable... I heard Him say. 


Yes, it's time to put to death ALL the given names & labels        

• Trixi (bringer of joy)

 • Unplanned

 • Imposter

 • Nazi

 • Stupid

 • Weirdo

 • Pat

 • Trish

 • Patrys (partridge)

 • Trys (apologies, friends, yes, this one too has to go)

 • Pattat (sweet potato)

 • Heksie (witch)

 • Teacher's Pet

 • Koeksister

 • & many more that I've conveniently "forgotten" (the list is endless) so Patrizia (of noble birth) can emerge in her full force & potential, although I think 🤔 we can keep Trixi after all she's hidden in PaTRIXIa... & bringing joy is a tool for my purpose of healing hearts. 


I see the light at the end of the tunnel & it spells FREEDOM from the cage of LIES that have held me hostage all my life. Oh my the unmerited FAVOUR of God to have blessed me so abundantly with a job I wasn't even looking for so He could bring new experiences to bring healing in relation to work & authority.🤔 


For the first time in my life, I'm experiencing real joy, even this is a fiery season of testing & pruning. My cup runneth over. My boundary lines have indeed fallen for me in pleasant places.


That's all I'm able to express right now, so ya'all have to wait for me to "paper" process it all to get the rest of this story.  

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