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20 October 2020

My Purpose & Calling

I discovered some truths about me according to Isaiah 61 & 62 this morning.

I will:

  • Rebuild ancient ruins.

  • Restore former desolations.

  • Renew ruined cities.

  • Be known as the Lord’s priests & ministers of our God.

  • Receive DOUBLE portion in place of shame.

  • REJOICE in place of disgrace.

  • Have eternal Joy.

  • Be clothed with garments of salvation.

  • Be wrapped in the robes of righteousness.

  • Nations will see your righteousness & kings your glory.

  • God will give you a NEW NAME.

  • You will be a GLORIOUS CROWN & a ROYAL DIADEM in the Hand of God.

  • No longer called desolate & deserted.

  • The lord DELIGHTS in you & REJOICES over you.

  • You will be called SOUGHT OUT 7 not forsaken.

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