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19 December 2010

To Be Educated

Our eldest, Jesse, has had a solid Grade R foundation because he graduated with Hettie & didn’t start off at private school like Misha. He seems to have coped quite well in private school & doesn’t have any learning problems, but we felt it impractical to leave one in school & home educate the other, so we gave him the choice to stay or come home. He eagerly chose to come home & I have noticed that school has killed his love for learning too, yet he was still getting good grades.

Although he was achieving good results, he wasn’t reaching his full potential because his love for learning had been destroyed.

Ever since the decision was made, both our boys have changed drastically. They have become much more loveable, relaxed & no longer fight on a daily basis. They actually get along much better & I find them play-wrestling almost on a daily basis. Although our home education journey was only meant to be for a season to get Misha up to standard, we have since decided that they will never ever be exposed to those “square environments” again…

Our biggest challenge for now is how to repair the damage & restore their love for learning & for me to become more confident in my own abilities to do this.

More on our home education journey is available on our Blogspot blog

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