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5 Keynote Lessons

Elijah House A-School Lessons

Commencement Date:

26 June 2024


5 Weeks





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About the Course:

Biblical Basis of Elijah House Ministry

True healing isn’t making something broken good enough to work, but rather being freed from the power of that broken thing so that it can no longer rule us, enabling us to trust God’s righteousness to shine in and through it. God’s laws and principles help effect sanctification and transformation in our lives. We show the Scriptural foundation for salvation, with the cross of Christ and His shed blood being the means to end our separation from God, as well as to stop the sinful habits that plague our daily lives.

Bitter Roots

The law of judgment applies not only to our conscious actions, known and performed outwardly, but also to what is lodged in our heart, repressed, unknown and unexpressed. Once formed, judgments reap results. Bitter roots not brought to the Cross defile, and may be the most powerful negative force in our lives, bringing destruction to ourselves and those around us.

Heart of Stone and Inner Vows

In order for us to have true fellowship, God has to pierce or melt our hearts of stone. Hearts of stone give rise to, and are further cemented by judgments, expectancies, and vows, making us the loneliest people in the world even in the midst of friends.

How We See God

If our hearts are pure, we are able to comprehend the glorious nature of God, and relate to Him in a blessed intimacy. But when judgments and bitterness are lodged in our hearts, our perception of God becomes distorted, crippling our relationship with Him.

Honoring Father and Mother

Accurate head knowledge of the faith produces nothing in terms of expressing the fruits of the Holy Spirit, unless what is lodged in the heart relative to parents is countered by effective grace in Jesus on the cross. Almost every failure in life can be traced sooner or later to the breaking of one commandment: “Honour thy father and mother”.


This is a 5 video teaching set which includes the following teaching topics and prayer ministry demonstrations:






Biblical basis of Elijah House Ministry

1h; 11m; 51s


NO Lesson due to leave & Pakuranga A-School Serving

1 & 10/07/24


Bitter Roots

1h; 01m; 22s



Hearts of Stone & Inner Vows

1h; 00m; 57s



How We See God

1h; 04m; 58s



Honouring Father & Mother

0h; 59m; 48s


Session Format:


Sandra Selmer-Kersten

Sandra Selmer-Kersten

Your Facilitator

Patrizia Schwartz

Patrizia Schwartz

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