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Run Your Race Well

Advanced Training

Commencement Date:

5 February 2024


13 Weeks





Healing Trauma Teaching Series - Flyer (1).png

About the Course:

Lessons in this series:

  1. Ministering to the Heart - from the Heart

  2. Stuck Places

  3. Double Binds

  4. Prayer Ministry Demonstration #1

  5. Growing up in Him (Part 1)

  6. Growing up in Him (Part 2)

  7. Case Study - Fear of Flying

  8. Prayer Ministry Demonstration #2

  9. Demonic Resistance Conspiracies & Cabals

  10. When Broken Hearts Rage: Ministering to Borderline

  11. Things to Consider When Strongholds won't Budge

  12. Note Taking

  13. Prayer Ministry Demonstration #3


Please use the "ENQUIRE" button above to register your interest if there's no "Book Now" link here & we'll get back to you once we have enough people to run a course.


Sandra Selmer-Kersten

Sandra Selmer-Kersten

Your Facilitator

Patrizia Schwartz

Patrizia Schwartz

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