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Journey of the Heart Teaching Series

All of us are on a journey of becoming more like Christ; a journey of discovery - who we really are, what we've been called to. We're learning how to live out of the new heart Jesus gave us at conversion - how to believe, forgive, trust, love and live from a whole heart.

However, there can be a few bumps in the road. A few mountains, and more than a few valleys, disappointments and setbacks. Our hearts get bruised and broken and we're often tempted to self-protect along the way-or disconnect from our overwhelmed heart and go into the problem-solving areas of our brain to try to figure things out. We end up living our lives sometimes very efficiently and successfully, but often mechanically, with very little heart. Or, because of cultural or religious beliefs or lack of modelling growing up, we just don't know how or have never learned what it means to live from our heart.

We can end up isolated and alone afraid of vulnerability unable to step into our true identity and the destiny Jesus has for us - living a get-by life rather than the abundant life that Jesus died for.

This teaching series will help you gain a biblical understanding of what 'healing of the heart really looks like-why it's necessary - and how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit's work of sanctification and transformation, NOT an easy journey, but a necessary one.

We'll learn how to journey with the Holy Spirit, and how to journey with one another - how to walk each other home.

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