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Last Week's New Paintings

A couple of years ago, when I was at rock bottom God spoke to me through this photo a friend posted on her Facebook page... so I scrapped this because at that stage I still believed the lie that "I can't paint!"

Then, a couple of weeks ago I shared my testimony in church together with the announcement of starting up a Healing heARTs 💕 ministry. After the service, one of the members came to me with a challenge to do a painting about the Wings of Prayer from Isaiah 40:31 because he was so touched by my message & exhibition.

I had wanted to paint it for a few years now but shied away for fear of failure, but after receiving this challenge, I finally did it...

I delivered this print after church today & am very grateful to have a very happy & excited customer waiting patiently for the original painting to dry & receive a finishing coat of varnish.

Last Friday, I created a matching set of poured coasters & paintings for my eldest & his girlfriend on repurposed surfaces & love how these turned out.

Colours used:

  • Lilac (White & Purple Mix)

  • Atelier A2 Lightfast Dioxazine Purple

  • Metallic Red

  • Reeves Gold

  • Metallic Purple

  • Atelier A2 Lightfast Cadmium Red

I also did another quick pour on Thursday testing this Dutch pour on diffenent base colours.

Colours used:

  • A2 Lightfast Titanium White

  • A2 Lightfast Dioxazine Purple

  • Metallic Red

  • Reeves Gold

  • Metallic Purple

  • A2 Lightfast Alzarine Crimson

  • Pēbēo Iridescent Blue Black

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