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MAC ArtSpace Exhibition

Well it's hard to believe it's time for another one of these exhibitions. Misha & I set it up yesterday & you can pop in at your leisure to view it until the 15th March. Please stop by at your leisure to check out some of my latest artwork, all but a few are available for purchase via the MAC office staff. Please leave your feedback of the display in the visitor's book.

At the same time 1 of my pieces is exhibited in the Artists Revealed exhibition in the main exhibition hall, so please be sure to check that out as well.

This group exhibition features artists from the Auckland region who are not represented by galleries. The display does not have a specific theme, rather instead focuses on providing an opportunity for these artists to introduce their original artwork to new audiences. Participating artists are eligible for spot prizes from Gordon Harris and C.C.G. Industries. There will also be a People's Choice Award announced at the end of the exhibition.

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