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Mantel of Nobility

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

During Elijah House A-School, Sandra had a vision of the Lord wanting to give a mantel of nobility. God had been speaking to me about my name, meaning of noble birth, for a while & I felt it was for me but due to my shame & guilt strongholds was unable to receive it.

At C-School the lord addressed the trauma around my molestation as a teen that had become the foundation of my shame & false guilt strongholds. The lies around my idtentity have been rooted quite deep.

At D-School group ministry the Lord dealt with some of my stuckness & some more issues around my identity as well as my spiritual rebellion in that I had hated myself & my names all my life & had turned from life & rejected myself.

On my way to schooll on Friday morning, God reminded me the mantel of nobility is still mine & I was finally able to receive it

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