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Merry Christmas

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

I got triggered into oblivion on Thursday night & have been struggling way more than I'd like to admit this week. For the first time however, I wasn't able to suppress my feelings & found myself in tears during the day as opposed to crying myself to sleep at night. I am aiming to get to the root of this annual November to January trigger season & praying for breakthrough that this will be the last year I will have to wage this war. The enemy has been served his eviction notice. This will be my last & final trigger season. NO more!

I tried a 4 piece pour this week which turned out beautifully.

On Thursday a friend came to my studio for some art therapy & fellowship. I found myself at a loss of words to comfort her in her time of pain so that all I could do was cry with her... I can only pray for strength & wisdom to walk with them through their season of darkness & turmoil. After allowing her to offload her troubles, we started painting the "Girls Trip". However, we only got through the background & will be continuing this painting session at a later stage.

As always, we spent a quiet Christmas Eve with our boys at our eldest's & his parther's home in Ilsand Bay. Cooking was scaled down to whole chicken, ham, roast vegetables & wedges all stuck in the oven. The kids played board games/ We had a late lunch & pressies later. After gift unwrappings the kids played some more games whilst I got busy creating this ecard with our annual family photo.

Wishing ya'all abundance, blessings, joy, peace, healing & restoration this Christmas & New Year.

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