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I didn't manage my weekly goal of 1 painting a day last week, but that doesn't mean I've stopped creating. With so many creative ventures on my skills list & difficulty deciding on a favourite, I guess I'll have to remain a master of DIVERSITY for now. With just little more than 2 weeks left, the next few days will be pre-occupied with exhibition prep.

Art class is also finishing up soon so there will be a student exhibition for that as well. If I remember correctly, that's scheduled for 17h30 on 10th June. I will confirm details for that soon. So for now it's time to narrow down artwork choices, framing, labelling etc, so don't expect too many new paintings over the next 2 weeks. Last weeks newbies are available on my page. Hope you will find some time in your schedule to come check it out. That's it for this week. Have yourself an awesome week until next catch up.

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