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Healing heARTs 💕 Prayer Ministry

Elijah House NZ (EHNZ) based prayer ministry.

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Thank you for your interest in receiving Elijah House NZ (EHNZ) based prayer ministry. This premise You were created to be whole and free is foundational to the prayer ministry being offered. It is for freedom that Christ has set you free! (Galatians 5:1)

It is not a psychological counselling service, nor is it intended to be. I am not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist, nor am I a certified counsellor. However, I have trained in EHNZ prayer ministry principles and in using the Word of God, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Healing and freedom through prayer ministry.
When we accept Christ as our saviour, we receive the Holy Spirit. It is through our relationship with the Holy Spirit that we begin to produce good “fruit”, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and self-control. (Galatians 5). If we are producing this type of good fruit, then we know that we are drinking nurture from the Holy Spirit, God’s Word, creation, healthy relationships, generational blessings etc.

However, in our lives there can be fruit that is inconsistent with the fruit of the Holy Spirit, and unbecoming a child of God… addictions, fears, compulsive traits, hatred, resentments, unforgiveness, broken relationships, inability to fully come into our true identity and walk in our destiny, lack of power in our Christian life etc. If there is that type of “fruit” in our life, then we know that in that area, we must be drinking ‘nurture’ from something else…and that something is usually a pool of bitterness, unforgiveness, unresolved issues and unresolved trauma. Jesus said that this type of “fruit” comes from the heart (Matthew 15:18)

When there is present-day fruit in our life, then we ask the Holy Spirit to reveal where that bad fruit is coming from. Often bad fruit can be traced to bad roots, i.e., judgments, inner vows, unforgiveness, resentments, and lies adopted into our belief systems earlier in life.

You and your story are unique. You are not a problem to be fixed and we will meet you where you are at. As the Holy Spirits prompts; we may have words of knowledge, wisdom, counsel and teaching, interpret dreams, pray for healing of trauma and or generational issues.

As a result, we regularly see Gods healing and wholeness follow as we allow him to work in our heart.

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