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Compliment your stationery supply or surprise that special someone with this uniquely crafted resin notebook.



  • Authentic 1-in-a-kind poured coasters
  • These handcrafted coasters are ideal for placing hot tea or coffee mugs
  • Double-sided; can be used either side up
  • Handmade
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Food grade resin craft
  • Heat resistant
  • Colours:
    • #2 Silver
  • Size:
    • A5 = 21 (L) x 14.8 (W) x 1.5 (H) cm; 


Additional Information:

  • Material: Ice Epoxy Craft & Table Top Epoxy Resin | ICE-THIN
  • Once the resin has cured, it is totally safe for direct contact with food. However, we don't recommend cutting on resin because they it can get damaged over time and chipped parts/splinters can mix with the food.
  • Not suitable for dishwasher
  • Care instructions: Gently wipe with damp cloth
  • ‘Warning prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause discolouration’
  • Due to the hand-made nature of our craft, we cannot guarantee a 100% flawless creation.


On-demand Customisation Available:

  • Choose up to 5 of your favourite colours
  • Please note we can't guarantee 100% exact colours
  • Personalise with picture, name or text
  • Please reply to the order confirmation to send us the image you want cast into this keychain frame.


Order your customised notebook here

RC139 Carrie & Hugh 25th Anniversary Refillable A5 Notebook

Artikelnummer: RC139_20240216
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  • Norski Doming Resin is a popular product, otherwise known around the world as 'Liquid Glass'. This resin can be used to create the appearance of an article being wrapped in glass. 

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