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Creative Connect Community

Are you a creative, looking for a supportive community?

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Thank you for your interest in my creative connect group.

Are you a creative, looking for a supportive community, inspiration & fellowship? Come along & share your giftings... We don't have a rigid schedule & depending on how God is working may finish up a little or much later than scheduled.

I enjoy Bible journaling / painting but please bring along any of your favourite crafting supplies even knitting, sewing or whatever creative venture you enjoy. I will also have colouring pages & pencils available for those who enjoy that.

I trust we will have a wonderful time in creative fellowship. My aim with this group is to build a community of creatives that will represent God's Truth & Character to the lost & found for transformation into the body of Christ. This is a safe space where we endeavour to re-ignite the God-given fire of creativity in people's lives. We wish to equip & train people in ALL kinds of artful expressions that will edify the church as well as bring healing & restoration to the lost & broken.

If for some reason you are unable to make it in person, but wish to join online, we can set that up through Google Meet for you to join in if needed. Please warn me in advance so I know to arrange the link. For those joining online, I have saved some colouring pages in our group file sharing folder. You will need to sign up at my website & join the Creative Connect Group under the groups tag for access to the file sharing folder.

I'm looking forward to meeting you.

PS: This is a recurring session but each session needs to be booked separately so we can know how many people to prepare for & also keep tabs on maximum numbers due to COVID restrictions . Wix only allows bookings a week in advance, so please do not hesitate to message me if you'd like to come this week & are unable to reserve at short notice.

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