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A House Divided Will FALL

This digital painting is based on a dream from over 3 decades ago & was created digitally in Infinite Painter app on my Android tablet.

In 1989 shortly after being born again I had a nightmare that would haunt me for decades.

I dreamt I was standing on a rock & the earth was cracking open all around me. Homes would break & huge portions would fall down into the abyss, leaving a wave of destruction everywhere. As far as my eyes could see people were scattered & being separated by the earth cracking between them.

Then suddenly, I woke up in a cold sweat to a loud audible voice saying: " JY MOET AANHOU BID!"

I've had so many nightmares during my life but for this one stuck with me & l've often wondered what was up with that but now I believe that it was God's warning to prepare for the turmoil & division in families & churches that we've recently experienced.

Sadly, the displacement & trauma this division has left in it's wake will haunt us for generations to come.

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