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Last Week's New Paintings

This has been a fairly productive week. Jesse made me a carry box for the paint party easels he had made for me last year & I decided to spruce it up with a paint pour last weekend.

After all the red, purple & gold paintings I've done, I decided to try some greens & gold so I did these coasters.

Last week I found a set of placemats at the op shop that were begging for a coat of paint...

I also poured the other side of my easel box...

but then I put it face down to take the protection off the other side, not realising a portion of it was still wet & got the paint on my table. I'm such an impatient nana-brain sometimes... hopefully I'll be able to fix it.

The amount of perfect pieces I've stuffed up with my impatience 😢

On a positive note, though, these 3 beauties have been sold & will be heading to their new home soon.

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