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Show up & do SOMETHING

Sometimes you've just got to show up & do something...

I learnt through my healing prayer session last week that one of my stumbling blocks is giving myself permission to create & just enjoy the process. No expectations & no judgements so that's what I'm working on this week. Just put paint to paper any way it goes. There is no right & wrong. Loosening up may take a while.

So we learn. I'm just practicing brush strokes & mixing colours here. I still find it hard to just paint for the sake of practicing. There's that voice inside that shouts don't waste paper & paint. It's almost as if every painting needs to be perfect or I shouldn't do it. Ah that brings me right back to being good enough... I'll just keep at it every day until I've drowned the lies.

Jesus never said it would be easy but he promised to be right here beside me. I must admit I find myself becoming more accepting my work lately & smiling a lot more these even when I'm alone so we're making progress.

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