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Wings of Prayer

I guess it's safe to say I have a very happy customer...

Peter came up to me after the service last month in which I shared my testimony & announced the start of our Healing heARTs ministry at MBCC with a challenge to do a painting on the Wings of Prayer. He had seen my exhibition in the front of the church & loved what I did with my paintings & wanted his favourite Scripture painted.

This is a Scripture I've wanted to create for years but had shied away from for fear of failure. At first I wanted to shrink away & run, but then I felt a stirring in my spirit & rose to the challenge. Sometimes the Lord just needs to nudge us out of our fears to so something...

Courage & confidence follows obedience.

I haven't seen such excitement over my work before & once again I hear the Lord saying: "You are good enough!"

Writing on a painting is still a no-go for me with my atrocious handwriting so I did the text digitally after scanning the painting.

Wings of Prayer
Wings of Prayer

but this is what he wanted on his... & he now has 2 versions of this painting to hang in his home.

He thought the original painting was a bonus but I still can't believe that this is what he thought he paid all that money for.

This painting now has a new home in his study.

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