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Healing Trauma

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

I attended another Elijah House Trauma seminar this weekend. Once again I go to learn & be equipped to help others heal BUT instead God removed a few more layers of neglect, loss, betrayal, displacement, sexual abuse & generational trauma just to prove He was serious when I heard Him say: "Wait, there's more!" after D-School prayer ministry. And so we edge a few more steps forward towards the abundant life He has promised.

The bad news is that processing hasn't happened as long as there is present day bad fruit rooted in past trauma. Pain that's buried alive stays alive until it is brought to effective death at the cross. The good news is that God wants to heal Our generational How so our Children won't have to deal with our unresolved traumas. Christ can step into that window of opportunity to bring healing & resolve the trauma if only we invite Him in... so the journey of healing continues until His glory shines through us.

We wrestle not against flesh & blood but against principalities Ephesians 6:12

Forces of darkness.

Panic & pandemic from the root PAN

PAN: force of darkness → Greek god inhabited lovely places & struck fear & panic = familiar demon

  • Were you lonely as a child?

  • Were you sexually aboused?

PAN operates in loneliness & sexual sin.

Have we been in agreement with PAN?

Have we partnered with panic/ fear/ judgement?

We're not advancing the kingdom as we should.

We must step into the Words of Jesus & STAND.

In your non-agreement have you dishonoured the person

We're dealing with:

  • Accumulated trauma

  • Information overload.

A lot of ungodly decisions were made while we were sleeping

We need to BE the church.

It's about people leaving their faith.

Ephesians 5:14-16

Rise up.

Renounce all agreements with the enemy & come in to agreement with most High God.

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