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We Art MAC Exhibition

Today was the opening of the annual members' exhibition at Mairangi Bay Art Centre for the next 2 weeks. I felt prompted to submit my "God so Loved the World" watercolour painting so He can touch a few more hearts through it over the next 2 weeks.

I was pleasantly surprised when I met a lady who asked I was a contributing artist. I confirmed & upon her request pointed her to my "God so Loved the World" painting and said after all God just loves us so much. She said although she's not a church goer, she had felt so comforted when she was looking at it earlier. Today I'm grateful to be a vessel through which God can work & show forth His love to the nations. I pray that many hearts will be touched by His grace & love through my obedience as I continue to step forth into my purpose. One baby step a time...

For those of you who are able, please do stop by to come view some of the amazing art that is featured here until the 16th August.

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